Love and Light

Activations and Meditations

To Bring Joyful Abundance




with Susan Elizabeth Reis


Here’s what you’ll receive in the program

Joyful Transformation Activations

Joyful Transformation Activations – Create a life of Joyful Abundance! This program has bite-sized activations that will assist in transforming your life and calling in all the health, wealth and all that you are choosing for your Joyful Abundant Life. You will experience Light Language which will bypass the thinking mind and is fast and effective to bring you the change that you are asking for.

It is a program that you can use again and again, and is your daily shift program that you do to create what you choose that lights you up and gives you joy!


Includes the following Joyful Transformation Activations:

  • Encoding New Light Energy
  • Clearing Sabotage/ Break Through Glass Ceiling
  • Your Pont of View to Create Joyful Abundance
  • The Power of Asking to Create Joyful Abundance!
  • Clearing Your Space For Joyful Abundance
  • Call Your Energy into Your Name Vibration
  • Enlightened Body for Joyful Abundance
  • Wasted Day or Magnificent Day?
  • Time Line Choices
  • The Greatness of You!
  • Command and Demand Your Empowered Self Now
  • Manage Your Energy
  • Celebrate the Breakdowns!
  • Bending Time Transformation
  • Movie of Your Choice
  • Creation Transformation - Enlightened Marketing
  • What's right about this that I'm not getting?
  • Your Big Bucket- Your Big Why!
  • Gratitude Transformation
  • Night Time Energy for Joyful Abundance
  • Be Joyful Always!

BONUS: Powerful Meditations for Every Day

Powerful Meditations for Every Day – Create your Joyful Abundant Higher Self free from the worries and limiting beliefs of the ego self.


Includes the following Meditations:

  • Releasing Limitations Meditation
  • Be Empowered Meditation
  • Unplugging Meditation
  • Rainbow Ribbon Meditation
  • Just for this Moment Meditation
  • PLUS: 10K a Month Joyful Abundance Activation

BONUS: Private Facebook Group

Private Facebook Membership – Here we gather to support and uplift each other in creating our Joyful Abundant lives. Receive updates and reminders of live group calls as well as exclusive meditations and bonuses especially for the group.


“I went from working at an office job I hated 40 hrs a week to working when I want, where I want, doing what I love to do and making $10,000 a month doing it! I am so thankful for the tools and all I learned in Susan’s classes that allow me to live a life that is Amazing! I love my life and I am healthier than I have ever been too! Thank you Susan for helping me live a life I Love! Thank You Thank You Thank You!”

Mary Carlson

Special Limited Price



  • Joyful Transformation Activations (value $444- Priceless)
  • Powerful Daily Meditations (value $148- Priceless)
  • Private Facebook group - for Sharing and Questions (invaluable!)