$250.00 USD

Creating Joyful Abundance with the Angels Session

Angel – Enlightened Blueprint Session 30 minutes

I connect with your Angels and Guides and a beautiful Song and Sound Therapy Activation is created just for you. With assistance from your Higher Self Divine Soul Team and Angels – a Blueprint for your Career is created that will allow you to begin to create Joyful Abundance and Create New Joyful Possibilities in Our World!

This session runs 30 minutesand is recorded. This is for someone who is just beginning to understand their intuitive gifts and for those who have been helping many and have questions as to how to help many more!

Would you like to hear a sample angel song? Click here to listen.
If you prefer package price sessions or information on live events, contact me at [email protected] for more session choices.

What You'll Get

  • Angels & Sound Therapy ReadingsDirected by your questions, I connect with your team of Angels and Guides for personal songs and information for you about your relationships. Your health, or whatever you would like to ask.
  • Medium Readings – Connect with loved ones who have crossed over, Angels and Spirit Guides for messages, love and inspiration. Have Kleenex ready for this- these sessions have allowed many people to connect to their loved ones whoa have passed and receive beautiful messages that allow them to heal and feel at peace!

Sessions run 30 minutes: using Zoom. Packages are Available with 3 – 1 hour Private Sessions – $1200 and includes a 21 Day Transformation Activation Program

Here are the types of results my clients achieve via soul alignment:


“After one light language session I had all the money I needed to buy my new town house!”

“I was stuck with all kinds of family problems and estate problems and after one light language session it all cleared up and I had all the money I needed to buy my new townhouse. This is amazing how fast and effective it is working with Susan and her gifts that are truly a gift to us all!”

– Jodi


“Starting my own business and sharing my unique gifts!”

“After working with Susan and her light language I was able to start my own business venture and share my unique gifts and talents I came to share with the world.”

– Amy


If you have any questions please email -  [email protected]