$1,200.00 USD

Transformation 3 x 1 Hour Private Sessions Package

This is truly a remarkable program for those who are ready to release and change. I use crystal bowls, sound therapy meditations and vocal tones in this therapy.
What could be better than that? Are you choosing to create a quick change?

I enroll only a few of these intensive transformation sessions each month ONLY! (You may be added to a waiting list if you would like!) The Sound Therapy techniques used have cleared ancient problems, past life issues and stuck energy instantly and at a very deep level! This is a life changing transformation package!

All sessions are recorded and sent to you!
This is the quick results package which includes:

♥ Applications Available

♥ Sound Therapy Meditations for Implementations created during your session.

♥ Daily Tools for transformation with personal coaching creation Accountability Prompts and Clearings to break through the barriers These are through e -mail.

♥ Bonus 8 Sound Therapy Meditations with Sound Therapy Tools for Transformation

♥ Bonus – Little Angels in a Bottle How Essential Oils Changed My Life-PDF


The intention of this session package is to generate and actualize your income and the intention is integrated within these sessions to have your investment come back to you 10 fold! (It usually begins to show up right away once you choose this! ♥

Check in to your Higher Self and if this is a contribution to you I look forward to creating with you soon!
Hugs and Blessings ♥♥♥